How Puzzle helps SaaS founders with metrics

Andrew Robinson, CPA

Learn how Puzzle streamlined Myko AIs’ metrics, analysis, and financial statements to enable high-ROI business decisions and inform their plans to scale. 

“Puzzle generated my financial statements and insights in 14 clicks.  It literally took 2 minutes.  My mind was blown compared to Quickbooks”  - Trevor Lee, Founder & CEO of Myko AI

Customer stories

Myko AI is a venture-backed generative AI startup. They allow users to communicate directly with their data using messaging apps to save time with data requests and receive meaningful, instant data analysis – no SQL or technical experience required. 

The Problem

Legacy accounting software platforms are time-consuming and can’t scale with your brand

Historically, most standard bookkeeping solutions in the ecosystem aren’t designed specifically for SaaS brands or startups. Users are forced to tag every transaction, and there is zero auto-reconciliation. 

That heavy lift is even more frustrating when you realize that if your brand grows successfully, you’ll have to graduate from the platform. The tool doesn’t scale with you, so you’ll have to go through the pain later on of switching to an entirely new platform. That’s why Trevor Lee, Founder & CEO of Myko AI, decided to give Puzzle a whirl.

The Solution

All of Puzzle’s functionality is built to save founders time

Onboarding with Puzzle was beyond easy. Trevor reports that he was all set in 14 clicks. Everything integrated automatically and was soon up and running — no manual work required. 

It became clear to Trevor that Puzzle prioritized great user experience throughout and specifically designed their software to scale with startups. For instance, it’s simple to locate key metrics and understand where your finances are at a glance. Plus, any desired integrations are provided upfront, and it only takes one or two clicks to establish the connection. 

The fact that every step of the process is aimed at saving time is huge for founders. You already have a thousand tasks on your plate, and Puzzle gets that. For Trevor, the Puzzle platform provides that relief and a sense of security in knowing Myko AI’s data is processing accurately and instantly

“Puzzle’s interface does a great job of presenting you with the key metrics and a key overview of your company's profile. It's a very simple user onboarding flow.” 

Trevor's thoughts

Since using Puzzle, the team at Myko AI has benefited from increased accuracy and visibility into their financials, specifically SaaS-related metrics. This maximized Trevor and his team’s ability to make informed, high-ROI business decisions.
In his own words, “It’s really convenient being layered into more traditional financial metrics.” 

Overall, leveraging Puzzle to understand both inflows and outflows in a centralized location with intelligent financial analyses will be a game-changer going forward. 

“Puzzle scales with us as we scale and gives some of those more complicated SaaS-specific metrics — all in one location. We don’t have to go back and forth between Stripe or buy a separate RevRec tool. That is super beneficial.”

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Andrew Robinson, CPA
Product & Accounting @ Puzzle

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