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Helen Chong

Founder’s dilemma

We've talked to dozens of founders and realized they need simple ways to understand their company’s finances so they can make informed decisions. We experienced this pain firsthand at our last companies. Understanding our most important sources of spending and spending patterns was one of the most stressful and time-consuming parts of our job, and we constantly suffered from human mistakes.

We then found ourselves in a pickle when we couldn’t make real-time financial decisions because our books were behind and inaccurate. You should not have to suffer as we did. You shouldn’t have to drop priorities that scale the business because you’re focusing on mitigating risks that humans are no longer best to tackle.

So, we created a 'Spending Explorer' tool so that you can now view your company's spending in different categories, identify trends, and group expenses by vendor. This level of visibility into your spending allows you to optimize your expenses and make impactful business decisions.

How does Spending Explorer help you?

We know startups allocate a large portion of resources to payroll, but analyzing non-payroll (rent, travel, subscriptions, etc.) expenses can provide insight into how funds are managed. This information can be helpful when evaluating current investments and future forecasts.

Analyze your expenses in detail

Get up to speed on your spending habits with the Top Vendors, Categories, and Purchases widgets. In just a few clicks, you can see where your money is being allocated - or not! Get ahead of unidentified transactions by labeling them (clean up those pesky transactions with "No Category" or "No Vendor") before they add unwanted surprises down the line.

Stay updated with Trend Charts

See your success over the past 12 months in dynamic chart form - compare growth between periods and gain deeper insights into top categories and vendors. Make robust informed decisions by getting a better understanding of past performance trends.

Drill down on Transactions

Dive deeper into the details of any period with our top categories and vendors - uncovering each transaction so you can have a complete understanding.

How much are you spending on Payroll?

Get a comprehensive view of payroll costs with our Departments and Types widgets without lifting the hood. All it takes is linking your Gusto or Rippling account to unlock an API-powered breakdown.

If you're an existing user, you can now access the Spending Explorer from your dashboard or try it out here.

If you have any questions or feedback, we''d love to hear from you at feedback@puzzle.io.

Stay tuned for more exciting releases, and as always, we welcome your feedback and YES moments.

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Helen Chong
Growth @ Puzzle

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