Product update - August 2022

Helen Chong

Featured update: Receipts Automatically Added to Your Transactions (Ramp now, Brex and Stripe coming soon)

Added confidence to your numbers, no additional work required.

Solving confidence in your financials required a lot of trust, until now.  For Ramp users (Brex, Stripe invoices coming soon) Puzzle automatically ingests and links your receipts to your transaction, giving you increased confidence for taxes, fundraising and audits.Check it out on your transactions tab.

New & improved

🚄 Never categorize the same thing twice with new auto-rules

We found it frustrating that we had to categorize the same thing twice or have to manually create a rule for every transaction.  So we just built a learning categorization engine that automatically creates a rule after every categorization.  So you never have to do, or pay someone to do, the same thing twice.  You can see, edit, modify or pause anytime

🏎️💨 Improved experiences

We are constantly pushing out new features and improvements.  Here are some of our favorites from August…

  • Improved authentication
    We are adding more security controls to your user management - Add users, remove users, add global or individual multi-factor authentication, validate emails, and more.
  • Get Puzzle in your inbox!
    You can now sign up for Financials on the First, our first email that shows your cash flows on the first of the month, not weeks later.  Right in your inbox, or on your dashboard anytime.
  • Better transaction linking: bank transfers and credit card payments
    One thing that can really throw off your financials is moving money between accounts.  Once you categorize these properly our system will automatically link them.
  • Improved resource library
    Check out our growing Notion pages full of resources, from high-level descriptions and definitions about accounting to detailed instructions to solve technical accounting issues.

We constantly ship new features and prioritize based on our customers’ feedback. If you have ideas on how we can improve, please let us know.

The Puzzle Product Team

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Helen Chong
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