Introducing Puzzle Add-On Packages: Tailored Growth Tools for Every Business Stage

Kevin Dargatz

As startups evolve, finding the right balance between scaling effectively and managing costs is key. With this in mind, we’re launching Puzzle add-ons to smooth the transition for businesses at different growth stages. Launching add-ons is all about enabling access to some of our most requested and powerful features for companies that may not require the comprehensive capabilities provided by our Automation plan.

Custom Solutions for Every Step of Your Journey

We get it—different businesses have different needs as they grow. Startups often operate with tighter budgets, and while they are hungry for advanced solutions to facilitate some accounting tasks, they may not require Puzzle at full throttle just yet.

To start, we’ve tuned into those diverse needs by offering Puzzle AI as an add-on. It’s perfect for companies that aren’t quite ready for the full Automation plan but are eager to get a taste of what advanced AI-powered tools can do.

Test Drive, Then Dive In

One of the best parts about Puzzle add-ons is the chance to try out advanced features. This is super handy if you are relatively new to accounting and want to try some of our latest tech without committing to the full stack just yet. With these add-ons, you can test out features like AI Categorizer and AI Lookup before upgrading to the Automation plan.

How Puzzle AI Can Transform Your Business

Puzzle AI isn’t just about fancy tech—it’s about changing the game in how businesses handle their monthly accounting tasks. AI Categorizer and AI Lookup together make up Puzzle AI, which greatly reduces the time you spend on manual transaction categorization and boosts your confidence in the accuracy of your bookkeeping. Here’s how they work:

  • AI Categorizer: The Puzzle categorization engine processes >95% of your transactions automatically. For the few that don’t auto-categorize, AI Categorizer uses details like vendor and amount to provide suggestions. This turns a usually tedious bookkeeping task that takes hours each month into a quick check and review process that only takes minutes.
  • AI Lookup: For the final step, you can seek guidance from AI Lookup by providing some context in plain English. Based on the transaction data and details you provide, it will offer smart tips about vendors, categories, and tax treatments, making your decision-making process smoother and keeping your financial reporting consistent.

Start small, plan for BIG

Puzzle’s new add-on packages are a big deal for making cutting-edge tech accessible to businesses no matter where they are in their growth journey. By letting companies step into advanced features at their own pace and budget, Puzzle doesn't just support business growth, it makes the move toward accounting automation a whole lot smoother. Whether you're just starting out or a high-growth, venture-backed machine, Puzzle’s flexible solutions make sure you have the tools to thrive without pushing you into the deep end too soon.

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Kevin Dargatz
Head of Product Marketing

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