Puzzle Helped A Founder Save $10-20K in Bookkeeping Fees

Andrew Robinson, CPA

The Pain Point: No single source of truth before Puzzle

SuperFocus is a venture-backed startup that specializes in developing cutting-edge artificial intelligence solutions. Founded by Tushar Sheth and Steve Hsu in 2020, the company builds LLM AIs that are focused on private data, stored securely in a separate memory module outside of the LLM, to stop hallucination. Focused LLMs have many use cases as knowledge co-pilots in every industry and any situation where large amounts of information must be reliably understood, summarized, analyzed, or acted upon. In one instance of testing, SuperFocus used college textbooks as the memory module. Their AI answered chapter questions with ~100% accuracy using only the information in the textbook.

As a growing startup, SuperFocus uses Puzzle as its central source of truth for financial metrics and accounting.

The Problem

SuperFocus recognized the need to streamline its financial operations for fundraising and tax filings as it grew in early 2023. Initially relying on multiple Google Sheets for accounting, the process proved chaotic and inefficient. To ensure scalability, external parties even suggested hiring a Big 4 accounting firm for regular reporting, taxes, and compliance.

The Solution

Recognizing the cost and complexity of QuickBooks, SuperFocus CEO Tushar actively sought an alternative solution that would automate and organize their financial data that wouldn’t require a lot of time to manage. His search led him to Puzzle, a modern accounting platform focused on time savings and automation.

The Benefits

  • Time savings through automation of accounting tasks: Puzzle's seamless integration with SuperFocus' bank accounts and credit cards automated expense capture and categorization, eliminating the need for hours of manual data entry. Tushar estimates spending only 30 minutes per month on accounting tasks with Puzzle's automation, which is a significant time savings compared to other platforms or services.

  • Accurate financial information: Puzzle instilled confidence in Tushar regarding the accuracy of SuperFocus' financial records. Additionally, the platform's quick, real-time generation of financials proved invaluable for board meetings and engaging with stakeholders.

  • Simplicity and ease: The platform simplified the company’s financial management and streamlined all accounting processes, allowing Tushar to be hands-off while still maintaining complete control over his finances.

  • Cost savings: Puzzle enabled SuperFocus to save costs by eliminating the need to hire bookkeepers as a startup, resulting in estimated savings of $10-20K. Tushar also utilized Puzzle's certified accounting referral network, and leverages Accountalent for tax filings, providing him with peace of mind when it comes to compliance.

One centralized source of truth: One of Tushar’s favorite things about Puzzle is the centralized nature of Puzzle, as having all financial metrics and data in one place is essential to him. One core source of truth ensures their financial data remains organized, up-to-date, and accessible while empowering the company to focus on its core business goals. “It feels like everything is all in one. Everything is here and everything is going to get done in one place. I want to be in one universe.”

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Andrew Robinson, CPA
Product & Accounting @ Puzzle

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