The founder’s guide to filing taxes

Luke Frye, CPA
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The April 15th tax deadline is approaching… so let’s just answer the hard questions.

How do you actually file taxes as a founder?

Welcome to Accounting 101 – the series that teaches startup founders how to tackle their own accounting, without a hassle or big time commitment. 
Today, we're diving into tax filing for founders - what's required, the types of taxes, and how to manage them effectively. 

This lesson will cover: 

The tax filings you need to comply with, such as: 

  1. Income Taxes
  2. Sales Taxes
  3. Franchise Taxes
  4. State Registrations

Important upcoming deadlines and how to prepare for them:

  1. Delaware Franchise Tax: March 1
  2. Income Taxes: April 15

The best tools to make tax season a breeze.

If you’re ready never to worry about tax season accounting again, Luke (me!) your resident CPA is on standby to help. Sign up for Puzzle and reach out to me in-app or book an onboarding call here.

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Luke Frye, CPA
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