Violet Labs’ Vision for Streamlining Hardware Engineering

Helen Chong
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Lucy Hoag, the CEO and founder of Violet Labs, recognized a critical gap in the market. She set out to address the unique challenge faced by hardware engineers and revolutionize the way complex hardware systems are designed and managed on their new platform.

Her ambition was fueled by a deep-rooted desire to drive change. "The insane frustration I’ve experienced throughout my career, shared by many of my peers, is how poor the software and user experience is for hardware engineers." she explains. 

Transforming the Future of Hardware Engineering

At Violet Labs, Lucy and her team are revolutionizing complex hardware development with an innovative platform. "We're making hardware creation faster, more seamless, and more accurate—leveraging modern cloud-based technologies," Lucy explains.

Complexity spans all aspects of Violet Labs: engineering, manufacturing, and accounting. They streamline processes in highly regulated industries where data management and compliance are critical.

Lucy has some advice for fellow startup founders:

  1. Be selective about the advice you take, as every situation is unique.
  2. Cultivate an unwavering confidence combined with an incredible work ethic.

By creating a purpose-built tool for hardware engineers, Violet Labs aims to make the process of building satellites and other complex hardware more streamlined and efficient. They expected the same from their accounting solution.

Partnering with Puzzle: Optimizing Resources and Ensuring Compliance

Lucy sought to bring the same efficiency they achieve in engineering to their finances. That's where Puzzle came in, lifting one of those burdens off her plate.

Puzzle saved Violet Labs time and money, but also made the experience of bookkeeping, taxes, and accounting enjoyable. "I find using Puzzle to actually be really fun, which is typically not the word you think of for bookkeeping, taxes and accounting," Lucy shares. 

‍Take Lucy's word for it:

  • Compliance: “Compliance is a big one. And as a new founder, you don't even know what that means. You need someone to hold your hand and help you. The Puzzle team provided great support as we prepared our financials.”

  • Cost and time savings: "Puzzle has saved both for us." By automating tedious and repetitive bookkeeping tasks, the Violet Labs team cut out the manual work usually associated with accounting and focused those resources on growing their business.

By leveraging Puzzle's accounting software, Lucy and her team can focus on what they do best: transforming the way hardware engineers work and collaborate. With Puzzle handling the critical aspects of compliance, financial optimization, and accounting, Violet Labs can scale its team and reach its ambitious goals.

As Violet Labs looks to the future, they have a strong foundation in place for managing their finances and ensuring long-term growth of their business. By harnessing confidence, hard work, and the support of partners like Puzzle, they are set to innovate the way complex hardware is designed, built, and managed, one satellite at a time.

Try Puzzle and streamline your accounting today!

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Helen Chong
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