Plans for every stage of growth

Quick Start
A real-time, guided experience for founders to set up and categorize transactions themselves.
What you get:
Real-time cash, burn & runway
Cash and variance analysis
100k+ built-in rules
Intuitive monthly checklist
Export for tax prep
Cash + Accruals
Dual cash and accrual financials for fundraising, taxes, and understanding your business
All previous features, plus:
Real-time financials
Cash & accrual books
Custom chart of accounts
Automated reconciliations
Accrual Automation
Accruals and reconciliation automation for increased speed and accuracy, including customized reports.
All previous features, plus:
Automated accrual schedules
Automated revenue recognition + ARR/MRR tables
Custom reports
Priority support
Disclaimer: Puzzle is accounting software. On-demand bookkeeping and tax advisory services are available through our partner network, which may be purchased directly at an additional cost. Puzzle assumes no responsibility or liability for their services. Please note we are constantly shipping new features, so feature list is subject to change.

Price comparison for formation stage startups

As your first accounting solution, Puzzle is not only better, it is also cheaper.  Founders can get started themselves in a simple, guided experience, invite their bookkeeper or hire an on-demand bookkeeper anytime. Compare for yourself:
Traditional Bookkeeping Firms
Total cost
$7,548 - $9,588
$4,250 to $6,300
$2,760 - $4,800
Bookkeeping cost
(self service)
Starts at $7,188/year
Starts at $3,000/year
Starts at $3,900
Starts at $2,400
Accounting software expense
Free - $1,000/year
$360-$2,400/ year for QBO
$360-$2,400/ year for QBO
$360-$2,400/ year for QBO
Tax filing
Not included
Not included
Not included
Not included
Not included
Cash and Accruals
Cash basis
Cash or accruals
Cash basis
Fundraising Metrics
Not included
Not included
Not included
Every day,
1st of the month
15th-30th of month
15th-30th of month
15th-30th of month
15th-30th of month
Accrual schedules
In Puzzle
(coming soon)
In Excel
Not applicable
In Excel
Not applicable
Access your data
With permission
With permission
With permission
Disclaimer: Prices are for formation based startups. Pricing and benefits do vary and every startup should evaluate pricing and functionality based on their needs. Prices above are based on the lowest cost price to prepare monthly financials, as of 1/1/23, which can include self service options. Prices could be higher for additional services beyond bookkeeping, such as paying bills and running payroll.

Frequently asked questions

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