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Modern Accounting,
Designed for Startups.

Upgrade from QuickBooks, because now you can. Automated financials, insights, accruals & advice - all in one.

Powering next-gen startup founders and accountants

Transactions Categorized
Founders & CFOs Invested

Accounting software that makes sense

The fastest growing accounting solution for founders

Once your business is up and running, it's crucial to monitor your spending and purchases from day one.
Waiting can lead to added complexity and expenses– up to $10,000 in penalties.
Setup Puzzle and let it run in the background, until you need support with taxes, fundraising,
or a better understanding of your business.

Key Benefits

Real-time insights

Auto-categorizes up to 90-95% of transactions

Set and forget it

On-demand bookkeepers
and tax experts

Time is money.  Save both.

Puzzle automatically categorizes 90-95% of your transactions if you are on a modern stack.
Let the system run, bring your bookkeeper, or hire an on-demand expert anytime for comfort.
Don’t worry– our in-house CPAs will ensure your books are set up right and ready for growth.

How it works

1. Pick your starting date

2. Copy over your QBO

3. Thank us immediately

Works like magic with a modern stack

It’s intuitive and works right out of the box with direct APIs to Stripe, Gusto, Rippling, Brex, Ramp, Mercury, and via Plaid for other major banks and card issuers. Puzzle works best with newly formed, US startups using our native integrations.

Puzzle works the way you work

A full accounting solution for founders at every stage of your growth.

Scale confidently while staying compliant, whether you are doing it yourself to save money,
invite your own bookkeeper and give them AI superpowers, or hire one of our on-demand experts anytime.
Option 1

Do it yourself

The most budget-friendly choice. Manage your accounting with our guided experience, saving money in the early days.

Option 2

Connect with on-demand experts

Puzzle has a network of on-demand bookkeepers and tax experts at your service, if needed.

Option 3

Invite your bookkeeper

No matter if your bookkeeper opts for the manual or autonomous option, Puzzle's software seamlessly integrates with your existing team.

Take control of time spent on finances

What is Generative Accounting?

Generative Accounting is Puzzle’s system that automatically generates financial reports, metrics, insights, reconciliations, and tax documents in real-time.
For founders

Stay one step ahead

Whether you’re leading a team, preparing for taxes, or raising that next round of capital, Puzzle keeps you prepared and compliant.

Puzzle replaces the need to figure it out yourself with Quickbooks or hire an expensive expert. Setup is intuitive, no prior accounting knowledge required.

Financial Statements Spotlight

Highlights key insights on your income statement, balance sheet and cash report

Spotlight financial changes

Highlights your company’s most important cash activity from the most recent period

Founder support

Chat with a real accounting expert, not a bot
Get personalized answers quickly
Save time and money -- it's completely free

One-click tax package

Your accounting copilot, no matter where you are on your entrepreneurial journey

Scale confidently while staying compliant



Experience the excitement of scaling compliantly and confidently with Puzzle

  • Intuitive onboarding, takes 5 minutes
  • Autonomous bookkeeping
  • Real-time cash, burn, runway
  • Spend and revenue insights
  • One-click tax export
  • On-demand bookkeepers and tax experts



Enjoy the benefits of AI-powered accounting without sacrificing control with Puzzle

  • Dual cash and accrual books
  • Automatically prepared reconciliations
  • AI-enabled workflows & month close checklist
  • Exception-based workflows
  • Receipts and invoices on transactions
  • Collaboration tools



Enhance your CFO potential with Puzzle's AI accounting and prioritize strategic partnerships

  • Unified data platform and API for finance org
  • Financial reporting and analysis
  • Budgeting and forecasting
  • Cash flow management and audit
  • Tax planning and compliance
  • Stakeholder management
For accountants

Accounting software you actually enjoy using

Our intuitive UX is designed so you work smarter and faster, with built-in collaboration and an AI assistant that learns and automates repetitive work.

Feel the difference between a modern general ledger, where you deliver greater value with less effort without sacrificing accuracy or control.

Secure data that you control

It’s your data, under your control. We do not sell or share your data. Your information is read-only and encrypted up to industry-leading standards, whether in flight or at rest.

People ❤️ Puzzle

See what our customers and partners are saying

Tomer London
Co-Founder and CPO at Gusto
"Gosh, I wish this existed when we started Gusto. It's about time innovation comes to the business accounting space. Puzzle is going to be huge."
Sumukh Sridhara
Founders Product Lead at AngelList
"Thanks to Puzzle, founders can input their financials into investor updates on AngelList in one click. It’s something that I certainly wish I had, and I’m excited to see what else the Puzzle team makes easier for finance teams."
Erik Torenberg
"Proud to be supporting Puzzle in a small way. Sasha has been such a champion for founders in the last few years."
Tihomir Bajic
"Cash-based accounting for startups is a honed craft, and a tool like Puzzle makes it much easier. I love how effective and efficient it's been to work with Puzzle's APIs to plug into startup services that consume cash and help you map expenditures."
Montana Scher
Co-Founder, CEO at Morf Health
"I just started using Puzzle, and it's a game changer — it's very well designed, easy to get setup, and the team has been super helpful in getting me up to speed on what I need know about accounting. I love that our P&L is auto generated via their integrations, and I can easily drill up and down to different levels of granularity to understand where our costs are coming from."
Tobias Muller
Co-Founder at Flike (YC W22)
“Been using Puzzle for quite some time now & we LOVE it!”
Dr. Lindsay Padilla
CEO & Co-Founder at HelloAudio
“I don’t understand how things are set up in QBO; even trying to pull a report is difficult. Puzzle simplified what founders need access to, making it easier to find what they need. I could use Puzzle to change a category in a transaction without watching a single video. I’ve never been able to do this in QuickBooks. This is huge.”
Royce Branning
Co-Founder at Clearspace (YC W23)
"Puzzle is the tool that has supercharged our ability to intelligently navigate our financials as an early-stage startup."
Brandon Arvanaghi
CEO & Co-Founder at Meow
“A must-have tool for founders. Autonomous accounting is no longer the future, it has arrived.”
Tushar Sheth
CEO & Co-Founder at
“Puzzle easily saved us $10-20k getting our books organized and taxes filed for the first time so we could close our seed round. I know absolutely nothing about accounting, but Puzzle does everything for you. A huge headache and distraction is now a non-issue because of Puzzle.”
Tomer London
Co-Founde at Gusto (YC W12)
“I wish Puzzle existed when we started Gusto.”
David Wolfand
Co-Founder and CTO at Bellsant
"I love how easy Puzzle makes it to manage the bookkeeping and streamline the time needed for day to day accounting tasks!"
Andres Ugarte
"With Puzzle, I'm able to easily understand where our money is going and adjust as needed. I love being able to easily re-categorize transactions and see everything in one place. Thanks to Puzzle I can sleep better at night."
-Neil Ward,
Co-Founder at ConfiDental, Inc.
"I started using Puzzle after exploring and using a number of other solutions. As a startup, I feel Puzzle is really geared toward the needs of my company, and has been a huge benefit. For anyone looking for a way to simplify their accounting with understandable and powerful software, this is for you.All of my interactions with the Puzzle team has been prompt, professional, and incredibly helpful, which has really set this solution apart. Not only is the software excellent, but the support is amazing."
Viren Tellis
Co-Founder and CEO at Hedado
"Puzzle has been amazing for me because I have easy access to my financials in an automated manner. I've never used … any other solution for my accounting, and I have no reason to look elsewhere. In addition to the software, the service has been great with the Puzzle team ready to answer any questions I have. In a pinch, I've used the financial reporting tools to get me info for investors or accountants or my team and have been able to deliver it in minutes."
Tobias Müller
Co-Founder & CEO at Flike (YC W22)
“We use Puzzle as the single source of truth for our finances. It provides a holistic and in-depth overview of what we're spending money on. Puzzle makes bookkeeping very easy for us. I can get everything done in minutes and spend more time making our customers happy.”
Patrick Gilligan
Founder and CEO, at L/INK
"Puzzle is the one stop shop for all of our financial management, bookkeeping, and forecasting and is 100% a no brainer product to have as a Founder. Your financial health is your #1 priority and every company could benefit from Puzzle to make it effortless to stay on top of your finances. Can’t recommend enough."
Amirali Mohajer
"Puzzle's magic has made bookkeeping fun! We just started using it and it's already saved us time with real-time financial statements. If you're an early-stage startup founder, you must give Puzzle a try! It'll be a game-changer for your financial health"
Cynthia Arochi-Zendejas
Co-Founder at Isde Digital
"We are very happy with Puzzle — it was a lucky discovery. As a startup founder it makes my job easier. Puzzle integrates bank accounts automatically and pulls all information into one place. I have to do a lot of things, and I’m grateful I don’t have to use excel for my financials anymore. The support and onboarding have been so helpful!"
-Emily Fay,
Co-Founder and CEO, at Kronistic
"Puzzle is amazing! The initial signup and linking with our existing bank & stripe account was super easy. The UI is intuitive and straightforward. The Puzzle team is helpful and responsive. I wholeheartedly recommend Puzzle to fellow founders looking for an accounting solution that actually helps."
-Givi Beridze,
"As a non-US startup founder having the US entity, I was struggling to find someone to help me with bookkeeping and accounting. Puzzle helps me to have everything in order in a matter of minutes, with their software that reconciles most of the expenses/revenues for me automatically."
Barron Caster
CEO and Co-Founder at
"Puzzle is amazing. As a first-time founder, I wanted to worry less about the back-office so I could focus on building my business. Puzzle exceeded my expectations by delivering a best-in-class software and support experience instead of an archaic company like Quickbooks. I have already recommended Puzzle to other founders and will continue to."
"Accounting for me was always a nightmare, but with Puzzle it’s all clear. I’m an engineer by trade and education. This has made accounting the way I like to see things."
-Adam Spector,
"Before I started using Puzzle figuring out my financials was a chore combining QBO, chatting with my bookkeeper and excel. Now, I am able to look at a single dashboard and get all the info I need."
-Sean Austin,
CEO and Founder, at Helios
"As a founder in fundraising mode, Puzzle is a better interface than other similar solutions, and it is more understandable.The spend explorer is very helpful."
-Caelin Sutch,
"Before I started using Puzzle figuring out the current state of our finances across multiple accounts and cards was a headache. Now, I am able to see the financial health of our company quickly!"
Shaquille Gould
Founder at Segue
"Puzzle is a great modern accounting software for startups. It’s easy to use and instantly gives me a detailed view of my cash, burn, and ARR all in one place."
-Suraj Shah,
COO and Co-Founder, at Rodeo
"Before I started using Puzzle it was hard to aggregate all finances at Rodeo in one dashboard. Now, I am able to get a much better picture of all our bank accounts and transactions in one place and save time on my taxes."
Caitlin Curtis
Co-Founder at Violet Labs
"The team at Puzzle has built an excellent platform that brings understanding to our finances and accounting. Onboarding, modifying, and reporting our data could not be easier!"
-Oleg Kozyrev,
Founder at
"At our startup stage, transparent and understandable accounting is critical. Puzzle is perfect for this."
Megan Reid
Startup Accounting Manager at
“Puzzle is accounting software of the future."
Megan Reid
Startup Accounting Manager at Berkland
“Puzzle is accounting software of the future."

With just a few clicks,
see your entire financial picture