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Accounting software built native to Stripe, designed for founders. Set up your account and get your latest financials on our Stripe app.

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Save time and grow confidently with instant access to your financials, key metrics such as burn and runway, and other financial accounts.

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Traceable with auto-reconciliation and auto-categorization means more accurate financials for taxes, fundraising, and understanding business health.


Built native to Stripe’s API, Puzzle automatically generates and reconciles fully traceable financials in real-time.

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About Puzzle Financial

Puzzle is modern accounting software, designed for startups.  Get real-time financial statements, metrics, and analysis for taxes, fundraising, and growing your startup in a single platform.

DISCLOSURE: Puzzle's automation works best with early-stage, non-inventory, US startups. Puzzle requires a US bank account. If we do not have a native integration to your financial provider, some functionality may be reduced or not available. Learn more here.

Puzzle takes data privacy seriously and doesn’t sell your data.
Read-only connections, you can disconnect any time at puzzle.io.
Puzzle doesn’t store passwords, account or card numbers.