Why Puzzle?

Puzzle is the #1 accounting software for startups.
Save time, get more accurate financial information sooner, and set up in minutes



in training data




hours saved

Founders make more informed decisions and fundraise with higher confidence

Better Financial Visibility. More Operational Control.

Daily drafted financial statements instead of stale monthly reports

Spend, revenue, and payroll reports provide actionable insights

Native integrations omit the need for 3rd party plug-ins

Fundraise-ready Financials

Financial statements, variance analysis & bank reports in one place

Daily Cash, Burn Rates, Runway, and ARR/MRR calculations

Cash and accrual books automatically generated daily

“Before I started using Puzzle, figuring out my financials was a chore combing QuickBooks, chatting with my bookkeeper, and working in Excel. Now, I am able to look at a single dashboard and get all the info I need.”

Adam Spector

Founder & CEO at Levy

Compliant financials. Secure Data.

Puzzle’s append-only general ledger ensures traceability

Native integrations enable rich data transfer and drill-down

Puzzle is SOC 2 compliant,
so your data is safe and secure

Bookkeepers are more productive
and provide better client service

Close books in 15 minutes instead of 20 days


Faster onboarding

Setup, Historical Books Migration, Customer Support


Faster bookkeeping

Categorization, Reconciliation, Accrual Schedule Management


Faster reporting

Financial Report Generation, Investor Metrics, Tax Reports

"The bank, credit card, and spend management integrations in Puzzle saved days by removing the need to ask the client to review categorizations.”

CPA at Burkland Associates

Better Client Service

Clients and bookkeepers align expectations referencing the same real-time data while books are finalized

Automation reduces human error and a traceable general ledger establishes confidence and trust

Simultaneous cash and accrual reporting enables operational and financial decision making

We pride ourselves on 98% CSAT

Our team of accounting experts is ready to help you navigate the platform and
your bookkeeping needs today.

“Great product. 
Very easy to set up and great support.”

Joe Feris

Founder and CPA at Accountalent

“We’ve been using Puzzle for quite some time now, and we love it! Funny enough, we didn't even know how painful accounting could be before we spoke to fellow YC companies that run on Quickbooks. Also, the Puzzle team has been helpful - they truly care about startups.”

Tobias Müller

Co-founder at Flike

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