Automating Accounting & Finance: Brex and Puzzle Partnership

Lisa Kleinsorge
Category: Partner Updates

Operating a business is now simpler with today's modern financial tech stack. With smart partners like Brex, you can seamlessly embed documents like receipts directly into your financials, supercharging productivity and allowing more time to do important things like learn a new language! …or at the very least focus on tasks that will bring you closer to your company goals.

Every company has a story, and every purchase contributes to that narrative.

Never lose a receipt again

Puzzle has partnered with Brex to simplify managing your company's finances. Now, you can automatically embed receipts from Brex directly into Puzzle, ensuring that all transactions are fully visible. This gives you peace of mind that expenses won't slip through the cracks. Plus, when it comes time to detail your monthly spending–no matter how creative Joe in marketing gets–a simple click provides you access to every detail from those Chuck E. Cheese bills, all thanks to metadata from the native API integration provided by our friends at Brex.

Stay in control of your finances

For bookkeepers and auditors, reconciliations can be a tedious task that often goes unrecognized. Puzzle is here to change this with our new reconciliation tool–say goodbye to the hassle of examining statement balances in separate windows!

When you're ready for your statement balance, it will already be available on the Puzzle platform, prepped in an automatically drafted reconciliation which maintains data integrity while saving valuable time.

What does efficient accounting look like?

With Puzzle and Brex at your side, you’ll have the power to make smarter decisions, faster. Automation eliminates mundane work so founders can focus on what matters: building their dream company! Having all receipts embedded directly into your transactions in your Puzzle financials is a game-changer for audit protection and compliance with IRS requirements. Life became much more streamlined with this single source of truth featuring integrated source docs. What are you waiting for?!

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Lisa Kleinsorge
VP, Partnerships

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