New Feature Release: Can AI Categorize My Transactions For Me? (and more!)

Andrew Robinson, CPA

Founders, you asked, and we listened! We know time is valuable, especially at this stage.

That's why we made your most requested features our top priority.

We're excited to unveil a set of new features based on popular demand! 🎉

Starting with Puzzle’s very own AI Categorizer. Get ready to make your life a whole lot easier.

🤖 AI Categorizer helps categorize your transactions

Until now, Puzzle has auto-categorized 90-95% of your transactions. The last 5-10% has always required an eye for review, and from what you told us, it's not always clear how to categorize items correctly.

⬇️ How it works

  1. AI Categorizer notifies the owner of your account about transactions that need extra context to categorize.
  2. The owner will receive a prompt in the Puzzle app or email, like the email above.
  3. Reply to the email in plain English (e.g., “This was a new laptop for First name”).
  4. AI Categorizer will assign the right category to the transaction based on your response. That's it - you're done!

To access this feature, opt into “Autonomous accounting” in Company Settings.

✌🏼Other new features

  • Metric Trend Charts: Get insights faster with dashboard charts for burn, cash, runway, revenue, and spend trends over time. See Company name’s trends as soon as you log in!
  • Ask An Accountant: Have a question about taxes or accounting? Ask an expert CPA on the Puzzle team without paying a ridiculous hourly fee.

💳 More integrations with Ramp

  • Match your cash to bills. Your bills in Ramp now sync directly into Puzzle. Once cash payment is made for that bill, Puzzle automatically matches the entries (and records it!) so you don’t need to record anything! Get access by re-connecting here.
  • Don't have Ramp? Ramp is an all-in-one corporate card, expense management, and bill pay solution, that saves you time and money. As part of our exclusive partner offer, you’ll receive a $500 bonus when you sign up through this link. The bonus will be paid after your first balance payment of $1,000 within 30 days of account opening.

Enjoying Puzzle? Refer friends!

Receive Puzzle complimentary for 1 month for every user you refer! We take care of migrating their books to Puzzle from QBO, Xero, Excel, and more. All you have to do is email our Head of Customer Success Luke at with their contact info - so that he can make sure to give them (and you!) a special token of appreciation.

Got questions about accounting (yes, I am a CPA turned Product guy!) or any feedback you'd like to share? Book a time with me here

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Andrew Robinson, CPA
Product & Accounting @ Puzzle

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