From Frustration to Clarity: How A First-Time Founder Took Control of Her Finances with Real-Time Accounting

Helen Chong

The Pain Point: Financial Visibility

    “I knew I always wanted to be a teacher, and never thought about owning my own business, getting into tech, or anything like that.”

Dr. Lindsay Padilla was blindsided by the financial complexities of running her startup, Hello Audio. With a PhD in education, she lacked accounting and bookkeeping expertise. And as the company scaled, Lindsay struggled to grasp key financial metrics and their financial health.

“I didn't know what my runway was,” she shared. “I knew how much money was in our bank account, but I wanted current books, not wait till month-end.”

Lindsay needed timely insights to guide financial planning and growth decisions. But her existing tools - Pilot and QuickBooks - left her flying blind. Pilot's monthly reports were outdated. And QuickBooks’ accounting-centric design was confusing.

Lindsay felt lost on basic questions about her cash flow, burn rate, financial data, and profitability. Instead of confidence, she had frustration trying to strategize growth.

The Breakthrough: Real-Time Accounting Software

Discovering Puzzle changed everything about her workflows. Their real-time accounting dashboard gave Lindsay instant access to actionable financials. Lindsay had access to on-demand CPAs, back-office, and accounting firms when needed.

"I couldn't believe I could see my runway and cash burn just by opening the dashboard," she said. Lindsay no longer had to comb through stale financial statements or learn accounting just to understand her finances and balance sheet.

With Puzzle, Lindsay took back control of planning and steering her startup. The intuitive platform's simplicity and automation bridged the founder-finance gap.

"I'm closer to my finances now. I don't feel like someone else is in charge," Lindsay shared.

Clarity replaced confusion, empowering Lindsay to achieve profitability despite the odds.

Lindsay’s journey shows startup founders the power of financial transparency and real-time financial reporting. With a real-time accounting system, complexity becomes clear.

Puzzle’s modern generative general ledger transforms a source of frustration into a strategic asset. Lindsay's story proves through innovation, financial intelligence can be accessible to all founders. Don't just take Lindsay's word for it - try it for yourself here.

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Helen Chong
Growth @ Puzzle

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