Founder Tested, Accountant Approved: How Puzzle Pieces Together Your Financial Picture

Eitan Itzkowitz, CPA

While founders know accounting is important and relevant from the moment of incorporation, it's not always clear where to go from there. We at Puzzle are acutely aware of this situation; most of our team has felt this at one point or another. We've also spoken with hundreds of founders, operators, and other entrepreneurs who've shared the same.

Enter Puzzle

Puzzle has tackled this problem head on.

We're a team of software engineers, designers, product managers, and customer success professionals, who also happen to be CPAs. In applying our decades of accumulated accounting knowledge to our understanding of the challenges in running a business, we built a platform that brings accounting into the 21st century.

We're proud that hundreds of founders and business owners have already joined to start experiencing the joys of automation, speed, and clarity in an accounting solution.

Accounting Unpacked

To make accounting, and financial operations, more approachable, we thought it necessary to start unpacking some of the jargon that tends to create a barrier between accounting professionals and the accounting uninitiated. To that end, we will be pushing out a series of materials. There will be a few content tracks to help bring Founders and Business Owners to the Financial Accounting and Reporting table. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Tax: Key concepts and dates
  • Accrual Functionality: Telling stories through revenue and expense recognition
  • Financial Reporting and Analysis: Analyzing your financial picture
  • Next-gen accounting: Accounting in the 21st century

Stay tuned!

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Eitan Itzkowitz, CPA

Eitan leads the core accounting product at Puzzle. He’s previously led the tax and liquidity products at Carta, consulted in the Banking and Capital Markets division of PwC, built business financing products at American Express, and developed stock trading experiences at E*Trade. He is a New York State Certified Public Accountant.

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