How Puzzle safely connects your startup’s financial data

Helen Chong

Connecting your bank account with Puzzle is like having a sidekick for your startup's financial needs. You gain access to key insights into the health of your business, and easy-to-use accounting tools that help you prepare for fundraising, tax time, and investor updates. 

A few of the benefits include:

  • Real-time startup metrics in-depth burn analysis
  • Built-in automation for your data validation and reconciliation
  • Financial statements specifically designed for the modern software startup

At Puzzle, we believe that numbers are the truth of any business. By understanding the numbers, we help you understand your business and where it needs to go next.

Here are four more reasons to link your banking flow with Puzzle today:

Puzzle is purpose-built for your startup

Having a solid financial statement is crucial for investors to evaluate your business.

But traditional financial statements and accounting software are — for lack of a better term — a complete nightmare for early-stage tech companies.

The problem is that they're built for businesses that don't have the same needs as software firms. They focus on inventory, which most software companies don't hold, and they don't take into account that many early-stage businesses aren't profitable — yet.

That's where Puzzle comes in. We're made for software startups and tailored to fit every stage of your company's growth.

We connect with your modern financial stack to provide real-time cash and accrual accounting, spend reporting, revenue recognition, and more. Puzzle goes beyond snapshot financials to provide detailed transaction metadata for every report and calculation.

Plus, we automatically assemble and verify your latest financial statements and core metrics, including true cash, burn rate, ARR, and runway. 

Whether it's pitching to investors,  tax season, or a board meeting, you'll always be ready. 

Your data is encrypted and confidential

Your data is safe with Puzzle. We keep it encrypted, confidential, and under your complete control. We won't share or sell it, ever. 

Whether it's in transit or stored, your information is read-only and protected using top-notch infosecurity standards.

We handle everything directly and avoid using any pesky middlemen or third parties.

You can wipe all of your data, at any time

At Puzzle, we build to ensure startups fully own their data. 

If you ever want to delete yours, it's as easy as going to your account settings, clicking 'Delete,' and confirming your decision. We follow the same methodology employed by GCP and AWS: 

We nix your account, cut off all access, and wipe the data from our primary and backup servers. 

You get complete, unrecoverable deletion of your Puzzle data. 

Before you click “Delete,” though, remember that companies are legally mandated to keep accounting records on file for seven years. That’s why platforms like QuickBooks will wipe your account — but usually still keep an archive for tax purposes. 

If you choose to wipe your Puzzle accounting data, be aware that you are liable to reproduce the records you’ve filed to the IRS for seven years. 

We’ll never charge you without your approval

Finally, Puzzle will never bill or charge your bank account without your direct approval. 

It’s why we believe in freemium. Our core software is free to use for every startup because we know every startup can benefit from Puzzle. 

To view our paid plans, check out our pricing page

Connect your bank to Puzzle and get started today!

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Helen Chong
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