Product update - April 2022

Helen Chong

Featured update: CFO Mode

Understand changes in your business with CFO mode

Click the purple lightbulb and your large financial changes from month to month will light up. Understand your businesses’ finances without inspecting every line item.

Try it our on the dashboard

New & improved

🏃🏽 Puzzle got even faster.

We invested a lot in caching this month so your homepage and reports load in sub 1 second. Time is money, and we wanted to save you more of it.  Take a look.

🛎️ Founder request: Notifications to save you time

You can now tag your colleagues and accountants, including shortcut buttons for clarification, feedback, or receipts. You will be notified when there is something you need to do, and automatically subscribed to any transaction where you tag someone else. Take a look.

🗣️ On-demand bookkeepers and tax preparers at your disposal

While we think Puzzle is easy enough that founders can do it themselves, we launched a partnership with Trivium Accounting and Tax for accounting and tax services at about 50% off the public cost, due to our automation..  Learn more

🏎️💨 Improved automation

We constantly push out small features to make your experience faster and easier.  A few notable improvements:

  • Automated credit card linking.  For Brex, Ramp and Amex we automate transfer payment linking, including better detection for missing transfer payments from your statements.
  • Traceable summaries. Click any summary on your financial statements to load a pre-filtered list of every transaction underneath.  Don’t just see it, trust it.
  • Improved visual hierarchy on the reports page.
  • Brighter menu carrots. Man of you didnt realize the metrics cards drop down to rich details and descriptions, so we made them brighter.

As a reminder, Puzzle is modern accounting software for startups, designed to help startup founders and finance teams make accounting and finance their strategic advantage. If you have ideas on how we can improve, please let us know.

The Puzzle Product Team

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Helen Chong
Growth @ Puzzle

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