Puzzle and Fondo Join Forces to Assist On Deck Founders Navigate Tax Season

Helen Chong

One goal we have at Puzzle is to support On Deck founders in setting up critical infrastructure so they can build the best startups.

A commonly asked question as a founder is, “When do I need to start doing accounting?"
The answer is, "As soon as you incorporate! You need to file taxes, even if you don’t have any revenue or expenses, yet."

This leads to the question, "How do I actually file my taxes as a founder?" The answer: here

Tax season can stretch any team thin. With the help of Fondo’s tax experts and preparers, we’re here to guide founders through the complex financial waters and file their taxes in 2024. All for a dollar! 

Exclusive offer for On Deck founders: Handle your accounting and file your tax extension for $1

Fondo helps founders file taxes, close books, and get cash back. We’ve partnered with them to make tax season for founders a breeze. Puzzle will make sure you’re ready for tax season, and Fondo will get you filed with money back.

This partnership is where software meets service - keep your finances accurate throughout the year with our accounting software, and let the Fondo team take care of your taxes! 

Sign up for Puzzle with the code ODSTART during checkout to get 6 months of access to all Puzzle features! Once you sign up, we will handle the rest, including setting you up on Fondo for your Federal Corporate Tax Extension and Tax Plan—all for just $1. Both offers last until April 10! If you do it now, you won’t forget!

‼️ The Federal Corporate Tax deadline is April 15th.

Experts recommend all companies file a tax extension due to pending changes to Section 174 that affect how R&D expenses are treated for tax purposes. This impacts how much you owe in taxes and how much you can get in tax credits. Wait until the situation is resolved (likely by October 15).

The benefits of using Puzzle with Fondo

📃 Tax-ready financials with expert tax advice and preparation services from Fondo combined with Puzzle’s accounting software that makes sure your finances are accurate. 

💸 Tax preparation is done for you with with an accounting software that makes sure all of your finances are ready for tax season, so that you can focus on what truly matters—growing your company.

🔮 Financial clarity with access to real-time insights on cash flow, spending, burn rate, runway, and more through Puzzle’s accounting platform. 

🤯 The most cost-effective solution – Fondo tax services for $1, Puzzle’s accounting software with access to paid features free for 6 months. 


Who is this for?

Puzzle was built with early-stage startups in mind. Our tools and services are designed to simplify the complex world of startup finance and give real-time insights that help founders make more informed decisions. 

When do I need to start paying taxes as a company?  

As soon as your company is legally incorporated, regardless of your revenue or incurring expenses. You will have to file federal and state income taxes, payroll taxes (if you have employees), and potentially others, depending on your company's location and industry. 

What are the current tax filing dates I need to know about? 

April 15 - The Federal Corporate Tax deadline that we recommend companies file an extension for due to pending changes to Section 174. As a Puzzle customer, Fondo will file this extension for you for just $1

Check the complete list of tax deadlines for 2024 and the linked forms here

Do I need to use both Puzzle and Fondo? 

For founders, it’s about having the right tools at the right time. If your finances are not in order, tax season will be that much more difficult, even with professional help. Puzzle's accounting software focuses on accounting compliance and delivering critical financial insights throughout the year. This ensures that come tax season, your tax preparation process is streamlined—it can be as simple as sharing the information from Puzzle with your tax preparer and letting them handle the rest. 

This is how Fondo capitalizes on the automation capabilities of Puzzle to offer exceptional services to startups. The combination of accurate tracking of financials throughout the year and exceptional tax preparers creates a smoother end-of-year tax process.

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Helen Chong
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