Product update - February 2022

Helen Chong

Featured update: Native integrations to Mercury, Ramp, Rippling

Faster, more secure (read-only) integrations added

We are constantly added new integrations to make your data faster, more accurate and automated.  This month we added Mercury, Ramp and Rippling.

See those, and the latest integrations here.

New & improved

🦉 The smartest general ledger ever built

Your general ledger is the accounting source of truth, and the backbone of every accounting software.  We built a general ledger, but instead of overwriteable (untrustworthy) and summarized (no supporting detail) we made it immutable (trusthworthy), append-only (infinitely changeable and replayable), and traceable to the detail.  That makes it more accurate, faster and scalable.  Curious? Explore your general ledger here.

🛎️ Founder request: Custom rules

With every Puzzle account you get 100k plus rules automatically included, and we create an automatic rule every time you categorize something.  But sometimes you want to create your own very specific rules, and now you can, right from your transaction tab.  Create rules, or see the rules we created for you here.

🔥 Split your transactions into multiple categories with one-click

Now you can split your transactions among categories with one-click.  On your transaction window look for the “split” button, and then choose whatever categories you want.  Bought a laptop and office supplies on Amazon, no problem.  Split away here.

🏎️💨 Continuous automation improvements

We constantly push out small features to make your experience faster and easier, saving you time and money.  A few notable improvements:

  • Collapse your side navigation to get more screen real-estate.
  • Improved responsiveness to see the most important information, regardless of screen size.
  • Share feedback from every screen.  Tell us what you think, what you like, and where we can improve right from your side navigation.
  • 2FA.  Add 2-factor authentication to any user, or make it global, now on your user settings.

As a reminder, Puzzle is modern accounting software for startups, designed to help startup founders and finance teams make accounting and finance their strategic advantage. If you have ideas on how we can improve, please let us know.

The Puzzle Product Team

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Helen Chong
Growth @ Puzzle

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