Product updates: January 2023

Helen Chong

New in January 2023

We’re excited to share some of our favorite product updates from January!

Featured update:

Seamless in-app experience for support, feedback, and requests

The Puzzle team loves providing hands-on support to our early users and getting direct feedback. In that spirit, we added in-app functionality that allows users to seamlessly communicate with us directly in the Puzzle app and via email. So far, we have been responding to messages in under 2 hours (typically much sooner). This also enables us to share issues with our product managers and engineers, who are cranking out fixes and feature requests for our users in record time. Keep the communications coming!!

Puzzle Support - Intercom

New & improved

🧾 Bills (and AP management) have arrived!

Puzzle acts as the hub of a company’s financial activity and data. We heard from founders that already-categorized bills (from Ramp,, Brex, etc.) were missing from Puzzle. We heard from accountants that Puzzle was missing a view that allowed them to track their bill payments and apply cash transactions to those bills for accounting for accounts payable (AP).

We listened! We have launched our initial version of Bills, which allows users to input existing bills into Puzzle and track their AP. Look out for lots more to come here, including integrated experiences!

Bills & Accounts Payable Management

🏎️💨 Improved experiences

We are constantly pushing out new features and improvements. Here are some of our favorites from January…

  • Manual journal entry flexibility
  • Even a highly-automated accounting system may require some manual inputs for accounting adjustments. We made our manual journal entries (MJEs) even more flexible, adding the ability to void, duplicate, and edit MJEs.
  • General ledger data enhancements
  • The general ledger is at the core of any accounting system. It’s a dataset that normalizes all a company’s financial events into an accounting-compliant, double-entry set of accounting entries. While Puzzle has always had robust data powering our financial statements, we made the data available to users more robust with detailed descriptions, vendor information, and simplified formatting options.

We constantly ship new features and prioritize based on our customers’ feedback. If you have ideas on how we can improve, please let us know.

The Puzzle Product Team

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