Product update - May 2022

Helen Chong

Featured update: The first automated cash reconciliations

Increased confidence in your financials, and save hours of work.

We took a very manual, error-prone process and automated it, highlighting whether your bank reconciliations automatically reconcile or need some attention.  This saves your accountant hours of work, reduces human error, and improves confidence in the completeness of your financial statements.  See your automatically drafted reconciliations here.

New & improved

🔐 Locked your books

Once your financials are done, you want to lock them so no changes are made. Introducing closed periods, so your numbers remain the same tomorrow, or years into the future.  Only available for company admins. Lock your books here.

🛎️ Accountant request: Manual journal entries

In accounting debits must equal credits and assets much equal liabilities plus shareholders equity.  Sometimes things don’t balance, or transactions are missing, or you just don’t think that last $25 unexplained transaction is worth the effort to dig down.  You need an ability to adjust your books, and now you can with manual journal entries.

🏎️💨 Improved automation

We constantly push out small features to make your experience faster and easier.  A few notable improvements:

  • New filters everywhere.  Easily select pre-set dates, custom dates, filter by user, categories, status, amount, source, and more.
  • Search by transaction now more powerful.
  • Automated calculations of total transactions by count, dollars, money-in and money-out by any time period or filter you select.
  • In Progress label for current month.
  • Our new onboarding is even faster, now taking less than 5 minutes on average (assuming you know your OAuth credentials)

As a reminder, Puzzle is modern accounting software for startups, designed to help startup founders and finance teams make accounting and finance their strategic advantage. If you have ideas on how we can improve, please let us know.

The Puzzle Product Team

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Helen Chong
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