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Puzzle's API enables many use cases beyond just accounting. Use your financial data in all the places that matter most.

Use Cases

Puzzle's API enables many use cases beyond just accounting.

Use your financial data in all the places that matter to your startup with Puzzle:


Understand your expense, burn and runway alongside your Stripe revenue on the Stripe marketplace.  Puzzle is the first accounting software built native to Stripe, and invited to be an launch app on the Stripe Marketplace.


AngelList lets you effortlessly manage your company's cap table, fundraising, employee offer letters, and more—in one place.  Now with Puzzle you can retrieve your latest startup metrics and add them to your investor update instantly.

LTSE Runway

Startup Runway is the simplest and easiest tool to forecast and extend your cash runway. With Puzzle, founders can understand, manage and extend your cash runway in real-time, anytime.


Runway.com is a new, powerful FP&A modeling software. Connect your Puzzle account to Runway.com and generate detailed FP&A scenarios to model out plans and better understand the most pressing, forward looking financial questions around your business in a delightful UI.
… we are just getting started.

The Puzzle API

Enabling next-generation financial software.

Build experiences for yourself or your customers with validated, reconciled, and detailed data with one-click permission.

Detailed runway planning

Summary level financial reports create summary level financial planning. With a single integration, get summary and supporting data to build rich, real-time financial planning not possible before.

Shareholder reporting

Shareholder management is part art, part data. Pull detailed data from reports to metrics, including details across revenue, expenses, people, and cash.

Real-time dashboards

Every company is unique. Enable flexible dashboards personalized to the company’s stage, industry & priorities with metrics, time series, and variance endpoints.

Embedded accounting and metrics

Increase your product engagement and improve your customer’s automation. Increase trust and accuracy with secure authentication and pre-designed workflows

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