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"You'll get it within the first 5 minutes of using the product. Once we got on Puzzle, we could take care of financial housekeeping in minutes rather than hours.”
”We quit using Freshbooks and QuickBooks for Puzzle. It’s simple a fundamentally better product.”
“I didn't know what my runway was. I knew how much money was in our bank account, but I wanted current books, not wait till month-end.”

Intuitive Onboarding, No Expertise Required

Self guided onboarding
A intuitive and user-friendly journey to financial proficiency, no expertise required to setup
Smarter accounting
Advancements in AI, data and software allow us to make accounting faster and more accurate at the same time
Real-time Insights
Illuminate your financial landscape instantaneously, enabling informed and agile decision-making

Stress free compliance.
On-demand experts.

Impeccable records for taxes and fundraising
Your comprehensive solution to maintaining organized and compliant financial records.
Monthly, quarterly or annual bookkeeping
A solution for every stage, whether self-guided to save money, or regular review through our expert partners.
tax credits
Unlock the full potential of tax credits to fund growth and minimize your tax burden.

Accounting That Makes Sense

Know your real cash and latest startup metrics
Dive into Puzzle's intuitive insights, empowering you with a nuanced understanding for well-informed decision-making on your financial journey
Verifiably accurate
Rely on Puzzle's unwavering dedication to delivering precise and trustworthy financial information, ensuring confidence in every data point
See the complete picture
Uncover the full spectrum of your financial landscape with Puzzle's comprehensive reporting, providing holistic clarity for strategic planning and informed choices

"The team at Puzzle has built an excellent platform that brings understanding to our finances and accounting. Onboarding, modifying, and reporting our data could not be easier!"


Accounting 101 for founders
A practical guide to accounting essentials for startup founders
Accounting FAQs
Your ultimate guide to Frequently Asked Questions
Empowering Ambition
Embark on a journey of innovation and growth with our tailored solutions designed for visionaries like you.