The Founder’s Board Meeting Template

Post-fundraise is when the real work begins.

But you already knew that. You’re off to the races hiring new faces and trying to grow sales - so you have good news to share at your first board meeting. If I had to guess, you’re going to “let the numbers speak for themselves” at the board meeting right?

Well, let us give you a tip. The first board meeting is a pulse check on you as a founder. Your investors and advisors are looking for reasons to complain. “You’re growing too slow”, “you’re not charging enough”, “you’re going after the wrong customers”.

At this stage being imperfect is okay, but being unprepared is not. And knowing the nuances of how to run a board meeting is a key part of this preparation.

The Startup Board Meeting Template was created by our CEO, Sasha Orloff (YC W12), to help showcase the status of Puzzle at our first board meeting after our $30M Series A.

This is the EXACT template we use today.

This template covers:

How to display your progress
What the meeting agenda should look like
Which business highlights you should cover (& leave out)