Controls & Audit Log

Prepare for audits and taxes with full visibility and controls.

Global and Custom Rules

System and user-generated rules to save you time.

Puzzle has more than 100k global rules automatically included in each account to optimize transaction coding. Puzzlebot learns from each company's specific transactions and applies this learning to future categorizations to decrease manual work.

Create your own rules.

Puzzle enables users to automatically create rules directly within each transaction. Apply this rule to all transactions retrospectively or starting on a specific date.

User Management

Assign user roles and permissions.

Account owners and administrators can add an unlimited number of users to each account. Easily manage user permissions and change user roles to Admin, View and Comment Only, or Bookkeeper.

Chart of Accounts

Chart of accounts for cash and accrual books.

Puzzle gathered dozens of charts of accounts from leading companies to create a standard Chart of Accounts (COA). Companies can also request custom parent, child, and grandchild accounts.

Traceable Transactions

Be audit ready with full transaction histories.

Be audit ready with confidence. Puzzle's general ledger is immutable and cannot be changed. Puzzle's audit log tracks all transaction changes by date-stamps. Puzzle also showcases which user made each change.

Locked Period

Set or move locked dates.

Account administrators have the option to lock and unlock periods to stop data from being changed for a specific time for tax or audit purposes.

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