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Collaboration Tools

A single place to collaborate.

Puzzle's collaboration tools enable focused conversations, requests, and assignments for requests. Effortlessly assign tasks to your team on transaction records. Teammates are notified via Inbox and email as soon as an action requires their attention

Stop context switching between tools.

Get what you need in one place. Reduce multiple requests for data as users can see key metrics themselves.

Get full traceability.

Communication records are preserved within each transaction, ensuring a full audit trail.

Invite anybody.

Easily invite your team, bookkeeper, or tax professional to work with you in Puzzle.


Focus on the things that truly matter.

Inbox is a notification center where you can find exactly what needs your attention. The place for all your most important tasks. It's designed to help you move faster and be more efficient. Zero in on what matters and fly through your key tasks quickly.

Monthly Checklist

A clear, guided roadmap to accurate financials.

Stop wasting time wondering what to do. Monthly Checklist is a fully guided experience to help you manage accounting in the easiest, fastest way. Stay on top of all critical tasks with auto-validated steps. Simplify your day and stay focused with clear to-do items.

Know exactly what you need to action next.

Not an accountant? Don't worry. We help you understand how to maintain your finances effectively with clear status items. Know exactly what to review, by when.

With just a few clicks,
see your entire financial picture