Custom accounting and tax reports whenever you need them.

Financials on the First

Don’t wait weeks to understand your business.

Stop waiting for your financials. See your income statement and balance sheet on the first of the month, not the 23rd. Stop digging around for the right report. Instantly see your financial reports on Puzzle's dashboard when you log in.

Download in any format.

Share real-time reports for your board, investors, and stakeholders at all times, in different formats including PDF and Excel.

Custom Report Exports

Run detailed reports.

Understand your company's finances with real-time reports. Easily export your general ledger and trial balance. Quickly run detailed reports for any period to support decision-making. Get more detail by directly drilling down into the details.

Pull reports by account.

Filter by source, category, vendor, status, date, amount, cardholder, input method, and more.

Pull reports by vendor.

Want to see spend by vendor by month, or all the transactions for a specific vendor? Quickly search and filter by vendor.

Cash Activity Report

See cash coming in and going out.

Unlike a traditional Statement of Cash Flows (changes in balance sheet accounts or general categories of cash expenditures), Puzzle built a cash report that users actually want. Puzzle's Cash Activity Report shows cash inflows and cash outflows in an intuitive way that makes sense.

With just a few clicks,
see your entire financial picture