Puzzle AI

AI-powered workflows for accounting efficiency.

AI Insights (coming soon!)

Get reliable, fast insights so you can scale your growth.

AI-generated insights that help you better understand your business, financial health, and metrics so you can scale your growth.

AI Lookup

Confused about a transaction or vendor? Ask AI for help.

Syncing with OpenAI, a user clicks on a button and “asks AI” for help in categorizing a transaction —without context switching between tools. AI Lookup suggests categories based on the information it summarizes about the vendor.

AI Categorizer

Use AI to help categorize transactions without any accounting knowledge.

Puzzle’s AI Categorizer is the first feature of its kind in accounting software. Puzzlebot auto-categorizes 90-95% of a company’s transactions without requiring the user to set up manual rules. The last 5-10% of a company’s transactions require additional context, supporting documentation, or review from a decision-maker to finalize categorization. Gaining this context is a common frustration for all users involved, which is why Puzzle created AI Categorizer.

Automated workflow prompts

AI Categorizer notifies the account owner about transactions that need extra context to categorize. This notification ise sent from system itself, or requested from a user.

AI-powered responses

The owner is prompted to reply to the email in plain language (e.g., “This was a meal for a business development meeting”). AI Categorizer will assign the right general ledger category to the transaction based on the response.

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