Month End Close

Automations for a more efficient close.

Manual Journal Entries

Get accurate financials with manual journal entries.

Easily post one-time or recurring manual journal entries to the cash or accrual accounting ledger.


Create invoices with automated revenue recognition schedules.

Create invoices directly from Puzzle for any revenue account. Invoices generated for subscriptions spanning multiple months will prompt the creation of an automated revenue recognition schedule.

Assign a Transaction

Communicate efficiently.

Get the information you need, with ease. Assign transaction review, ask for context, or request supporting documentation from clients or team members. Stop switching between systems and keep all visibility in one place.

Simultaneous Cash & Accrual Accounting

The easiest, fastest way to run cash and accrual financials.

Puzzle offers the fastest way to run cash-basis and accrual-basis financial statements. Stop getting lost in complicated navigation menus and settings. Puzzle's intuitive, easy-to-understand dashboard allows users to quickly choose cash or accrual formats for financial reports.


1-click auto-accruals from cash transactions.

For the first time, automatically accrue transactions without a manual journey entry. See a transaction that should have been recorded in a previous period? Select the date to accrue it on. Puzzle automatically accrues this entry and reverses it too!

Categorization Checks

See the status of completed financials in real-time.

Making confident decisions means having trustworthy data. That's why Puzzle built a real-time status report to measure dollar categorization and finalization. Make data-driven, informed decisions all the time, not weeks after the month ends.

Fixed Assets

Get automated fixed asset and amortization schedules.

Once a transaction is marked as capitalizable, Puzzle automatically creates a fixed asset schedule and accompanying straight-line amortization by month.

Split transactions between operating and capitalizable.

A transaction can be split up into different accounts. Categorize any transaction between an expense or capitalizable.

Get a complete understanding of what you own.

See all fixed asset schedules in one place.

General Ledger

Use a modern, secure, real-time general ledger.

Puzzle is a complete double-entry accounting system built using the technology of today, not decades ago. Puzzle auto-categorizes and includes transactions in the general ledger that are immediately populated into financial statements, so financials are useful in real-time, even if they’re not perfect or fully reviewed yet.

Experience Autonomous Accounting.

Autonomous Accounting is Puzzle’s system that automatically generates real-time financial reports, metrics, insights, reconciliations, and tax documents, whenever prompted. It’s a system that combines the logic of rules, automation, and AI into our general ledger.

Select your level of automation.

Autonomous Accounting gives you access to automated categorization and AI-powered workflows like AI Lookup and AI Categorizer. Easily turn this on and off whenever you want.

Delete transactions.

‍Accidentally connect data you don’t want in your general ledger, like your personal account? No worries! Simply click “delete transactions” and we automate the reversing journal entries.

With just a few clicks,
see your entire financial picture